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Chapter List

o I realized how hard it would be to try and start from the beginning of my legacy at this point. Trying to find the older posts without spoiling everything else, so I'm going to attempt to post links to all the chapters in order and keep it up to date :) I'll skip any Author's Notes and Heir(ess) votes so be sure to check below this post to see if there is one there. Thanks!
Chapter One: Small Beginnings for Hopeful Futures
Chapter Two: The Heart Wants What it Wants
Chapter Three: Adapting to Change
Chapter Four: Too Much, Too Soon
Chapter Five: When The Hectic Becomes Normal
Chapter Six: The Average Household
Chapter Seven: A Change in Lifestyle
Chapter Eight: Birthdays!
Chapter Nine: Finding Courage Part 1
Chapter Nine: Finding Courage Part 2
Chapter Ten: Fight for What you Love
Chapter Eleven: Death Among Us
Chapter Twelve: Changes
Chapter Thirteen: Developing Habits
Generation Two: Chapter One
Generation Two: Chapter Two
Generation Two: Chapter Three
Generation Two: Chapter Four
Generation Two: Chapter Five
Generation Two: Chapter Six
Generation Two: Chapter Seven
Generation Two: Chapter Eight Part 1
Generation Two: Chapter Eight Part 2
  Generation Two: Chapter Nine Generation Two: Chapter Ten
Generation Two: Chapter Eleven
Generation Two: Chapter Twelve
Generation Two: Chapter Thirteen
Generation Two: Chapter Fourteen
Generation Two: Chapter Fifteen
Generation Two: Chapter Sixteen
Generation Three: Chapter One
Generation Three: Chapter Two
Generation Three: Chapter Three
Generation Three: Chapter Four
Generation Three: Chapter Five
Generation Three: Chapter Six
Generation Three: Chapter Seven
Generation Three: Chapter Eight
Generation Three: Chapter Nine
Generation Three: Chapter Ten
Generation Three: Chapter Eleven
Generation Three: Chapter Twelve
Generation Three: Chapter Thirteen
Generation Three: Chapter Fourteen
Generation Three: Chapter Fifteen
Generation Three: Chapter Sixteen
Generation Four: A Sapling Surviving the Storm
Generation Four: A Budding Young Mind
Generation Four: A Wilting Flower
Generation Four: Spiraling out of Control
Generation Four: Looking Towards the Sun
Generation Four: Vacation! ...Sort of. [Part One]
Generation Four: Vacation! ...Sort of. [Part Two]
Generation Four: Vacation! ...Sort of. [Part Three]
Generation Four: Pulling Petals
Generation Four: When Worlds Collide
Generation Four: Not in a Field, but in a Pot
Generation Four: Wilting, but not Dormant
Generation Four: Chapter 11
Generation Four: Chapter 12 Part I - Part II
Generation Four: Sudden Crown Rot
Next Chapter - Coming soon!

Looking Back at Things.

Today I want to do something a little different. I’ve been writing this legacy for a while now, and even when life seems determined to keep me super busy, I don’t abandon this family. I love the Antebello’s and their stories. Even the spare’s have stories, though I don’t get enough time to write them.

Though I am by no means the best writer, I feel as though this legacy has helped my writing drastically. Looking back, it’s a little embarrassing how poorly I wrote. I want to thank everyone who started from the beginning and pushed through to where we are now. While I write this legacy for me in my free time, knowing other people are enjoying it is an amazing feeling.

I wanted to share with you all one favourite moment from each of my generations so far, which may lend a little bit more insight into their lives now that I’ve had more practice.


Generation 1: Rachel Antebello


Rachel’s first child is one of my favourite memories from this generation. The joy that filled her upon seeing her baby girl’s face is something I’ll never forget. She had twin daughters, but the first child born to the legacy founder is special. I didn’t know at the time that this baby would become my heiress, but she always held a special place in my heart. This was the beginning of what Rachel always truly wanted: children that she would love, raise right, and never abandon. Raising her own children would never erase the tragedy from her own life, but it was a way of giving back and moving forward. When you’re gone, it doesn’t matter how much money you had or the house you lived in. Your grades don’t matter either, what matters is how you touched people. Your children are the only real legacy you have, and you will live on through them and their children.


Generation 2: Lillian Jamie Antebello


It may seem strange that this photo doesn’t even have Lillian in it, but this is one of my favourite moments from the generation. It was my first time playing as a firefighter – and every time the alarm went off I was terrified Javier wasn’t going to make it out alive. This is a fire that was actually at a relatives house, and one of the first times that we needed to save several people. Poor Javier was in an awful mood, and I was terrified that I was going to not only lose him, but also the extended family. Everyone made it out though, and that makes this one of the most special moments for me.


Generation 3: Frederick Antebello


Frederick had a pretty wild time during his teenage years. This is one of my favourite moments from this generation because of how grown up he became so soon after his birthday – all on his own. After his party, he rolled the want to be going steady with Jenny. We never looked back. I was so proud of him for giving up all the other girls he was seeing prior to this moment, and wanting to build his life with Jenny. Opposites attract I suppose, and the saying ran true for this couple. Right at this moment though, everything was still so blissful.


Generation 4: Violet Antebello


Though this generation isn’t done yet, I still wanted to share my favourite moment “so far”. This photo actually isn’t in any of the chapters, though the scene itself is. I like it because it shows Violet with her friends, just being a child. It;s one of the few times in her life that she was simply enjoying herself, without worrying about everything else that was going to happen.

Generation 4: Chapter 12 Part II

Antebello - generation 4

Finally managed to get pictures for Part II! My game has been acting rather buggy lately. I hope you all enjoy, it’s shorter than the last part. I am hoping to have the next chapter up in a little over a weeks time. Thank you all for bearing with me.


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Generation Four: Chapter 12

Antebello - generation 4

Just a quick thanks to everyone for understanding why I haven’t been posting. Real life has really been getting in the way.


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Generation 04–Chapter 11

Antebello - generation 4

Hey everyone, sorry this chapter was so late. Real life has been rather hectic for me these past few weeks. Hope you enjoy it, and I’ll try to have another one out later this week, but that may not happen as I’m working a lot and have schoolwork to do.


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Antebello - generation 4


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Antebello - generation 4

Long time no see! I’m going to attempt to post a chapter every two weeks from now on, I don’t like having this much time between posts. However, be patient with me as I’m a PT worker, as well as a full time university student. I also have some exciting news! My boyfriend and I have moved in together (with two other roommates) and it’s been three weeks, and things are going splendidly. He even helped me plan out the rest of the generation, and I’m so excited to write it and have it all posted that I can’t seem to calm down enough to do so. Oh well, I’m going to start working on the next chapter Wednesday after some of my midterms.


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Generation Four: When Worlds Collide

Antebello - generation 4

After some disagreements with my game – I finally got all the pictures for the chapter. I’d love some feedback to see what you guys think of this direction. I’m hoping you enjoy the chapter, I enjoyed writing it and mostly enjoyed getting the pictures to go along with it. Violet is in for a bumpy ride in her teens, and most of this wasn’t even planned. Enjoy!

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Quick Poll For Opinions :)

Hey all! Someone told me people aren't able to comment on my blog for some reason - so while I fix this, I was wondering what you guys thought of my recent post?

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